install obb with apk

How can I install APK with OBB?

What is an OBB file?

OBB files are those files used to store large amounts of data, including high-quality graphics, audio files, or game files, that are too large in size to accommodate in APK files. With OBB files, APK files are reduced in size and users can download and install them faster.

How to download any APK with OBB?

We take Gangstar Rio Mod APK as an example to guide how to install APK with OBB. By following the instructions below, you can download any type of game with OBB. First of all, you need a file manager on your phone. You can download ZArchiver as it is easy to use. Now follow the step-by-step instructions below :

1- Open the ZArchiver app on your cell phone and find the path where you downloaded the OBB and APK file. Most downloaded files appear in this folder.

2- Find your desired APK and OBB file in the download section. And then click on the APK file you will see many options, just select install from the list.

3- After clicking on the install option in the list, again a window will appear in which you will select the Install button again.

4- Depending on the size of the game, the installation process may take some time. Wait until the game is installed, then a window will appear. Don’t open the game, just click Done.

5- After clicking on the OBB file (.Zip) a list will pop up from below, select “Extract…” option from the list.

6- Now go back to the start of the file manager, go to the Android folder and click on it.

Find the OBB folder in the Android section and open it.

8- Now click on the upack icon at the bottom in the OBB folder. It may take some time to extract the file depending on the size of the file. After that you will see a notification when the decompression process finished.

9- Now go to the home screen, go to your installed game, and enjoy. You can now delete both files from the Downloads folder to save space on your smartphone.

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