Vegas Crime Simulator mod apk

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK v6.4.3 Unlimited Money, Gems

Overview of Vegas Crime Simulator

Vegas Crime Simulator is a classic simulation gangster game set up in the city of Las Vegas. This game was developed by Naxeex studio back in 2015. As this game is open-world, the Vegas Crime Simulator mod apk provides engaging adventure to the players. 

This game is entirely based on a gangster theme base, just like Real Gangster Crime, and provides many opportunities for the players to do heists and illegal activities in this fierce city. You can also interact and enjoy the exciting elements of the game and do whatever you want as a gangster.

vegas crime simulator mod apk

The game offers many varied missions, side missions, quests, and advanced weapons. With fast vehicles, you can explore the game’s open world in your way. You can also upgrade or change your existing accessories to survive in the city. Also, the gameplay is so engaging that you can drive every corner of the city with your favorite car.

The graphics and visuals of the Vegas Crime Simulator apk are also up to the mark and enjoyable. You feel the realistic gameplay while fighting other gangsters and enemies. Moreover, the sounds of cars and other entities also provide a real experience to the players.

Amazing Gameplay

As we know, Vegas Crime Simulator is an open-world game, so you’ll find many things to do in the extensive gameplay of the game. Additionally, there’re some mini-games within the game, such as street racing and magic rope. Players can fight other gang rivals and the police in the gameplay.

Furthermore, the gameplay involves various challenges, like stealing cars and bank robberies. The primary purpose of these tasks is to become more powerful to survive in the city by collecting a lot of wealth.

Apart from these, you can also play with your friends with multiplayer mode features. You can create chaos in the city with your gang formed with friends and play in teams to complete various tasks to become a badass person in the game. In addition, you can purchase several in-game items available in the store.

Discover the Large World of Crime

While exploring the city, you’ll see many landmarks and buildings full of action quests and exciting missions. Also, you’ll find out new accessories, like weapons and new skins, while completing these missions. There’re a variety of different vehicles, like motorbikes and cars, available to explore the enormous city.

While exploring the city, you’ll come across many landmarks and buildings full of action-packed quests and exciting missions. Also, you’ll get new accessories like weapons and new skins while completing these missions. Various vehicles, such as motorbikes and cars, are available to explore this vast city.

vegas crime simulator  open world

Level up in Gangster Ladder

While playing, Vegas Crime Simulator also has a points table that will show players’ progress within the game. You can improve your position on the gangster ladder by engaging in various activities. Play as much as you can to level up your status on the ladder and complete the criminal quests.

Download the Vegas Crime Simulator apk and complete story-based missions and other quests scattered across the city to enhance your character in the game. Also, fight and defeat various notorious mafias of the city to gain some popularity in the game and on the ladder.

vegas crime simulator ladder

Fast and Furious Vehicles

There’s a wide range of several high-speed vehicles for the players within the game. These vehicles consist of SUVs, furious cars, and beautiful motorbikes. Players can also use tanks and military vehicles to create chaos in the city. Furthermore, the sports car in the game is the main attractive element for the users.

Additionally, you can use these fast cars according to your need. These vehicles can be beneficial in completing challenging missions and provide ease in exploring new corners of the city. While committing the crime, the police will chase you, and you can use these vehicles to escape from the police and other criminals.

vegas crime simulator cars

Simple and User-friendly Control

Nowadays, there’re many open-world environment games like Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk for mobile users. Vegas Crime Simulator is also one of them, with unique and smooth controls for the players. The game’s controls are also user-friendly and easy to understand for new players.

While playing the game for some time, you’ll quickly adapt to the game’sgame’s control system. At the start of the game, you’ll be fully guided by the arrows for specific uses. You can control the shooting and various battles, and even drive the vehicle with extreme ease.

Vegas Crime Simulator Apk Features

Enjoy many Unique In-Game Features

The game offers many unique features which can use to improve your character’s growth. These features make this game more attractive which is similar to the Vegas Crime Simulator mod apk. Some of these are given:

Magic Rope: Magic rope enables players to climb huge buildings and reach other hidden places. You can find many secret things with this feature. Also, with this feature, you can reach secured areas like military bases and police stations.

Flight Mode: With this mode, you can fly above the city. Flight mode is beneficial to escape from the police and your opponents. You can also see the hidden collectibles from above.

Landing: This feature allows players to dive safely from extreme heights. In addition, if you want damage to the users with landing options, you can unlock super landing mode.

Climbing Walls: Climbing the vertical wall is not possible in most games. This feature in Vegas Crime Simulator allows players to climb extreme vertical walls easily and helps them escape from police officers and enemies.

Super Kick: With the super kick feature you can do more damage to your enemies and opponents with a single kick. However, this feature will only be helpful with weapon combats.

Robot Skin: Robot skin will be a handy feature for those players who want to convert their characters into robots or war machines. In this way, they can increase their character’scharacter’s life and stamina.

vegas crime simulator unique features

Boost up your Character Strenght

To improve your gameplay in Vegas Crime Simulator, you must strengthen your playing character. The game has many exciting skins, which you can buy and modify your current character to survive in the city. These mods will enhance your abilities and skills in the game.

You can equip skins that completely change your appearance from other characters like robots or giant war machines. Download Vegas Crime Simulator with unlimited money and diamonds provided, so you can buy these awesome skins for your character and then fight your enemies more efficiently.

vegas crime simulator characters

Explore Interesting Points in the Criminal City

The game map is big enough to explore many exciting and valuable locations on the city map. You can visit and conquer these areas to gain fame in the city. Some of the places are given below:

An Airport: An airport is an important area in Vegas Crime Simulation. You can explore this unique place and unlock many new quests and missions. You can also get air vehicles from the airport, which will help you enjoy the aerial view of the city.

A Casino: Casinos are very notorious points of the game. You can find all kinds of businessmen and other mafia bosses in these places. You can kill them, rob them, and gamble to earn handsome money.

A Military Base: You cannot enter this area as this area is the most secure and guarded area in the game. However, if you manage to enter a military base, you’ll find many tanks and military vehicles to use.

vegas crime simulator points on map

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk Features

Most of the game’sgame’s features can be unlocked only after purchasing or completing specific tasks. If you want to play the game without restrictions, download Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK for Android. The mod version of the game will provide the following features:

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems: After downloading the mod version from the above download button, you’ll get unlimited money and gems, which you can use to buy weapons and vehicles. Also, you can purchase new skins for your characters.

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK VIP Unlocked: With the mod version, you’ve access to VIP unlocked version without spending money

Vegas Crime Simulator No Ads: You can play the game without ads in the Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK 2023 version. This way, you can enjoy and concentrate on the game without ads.
Unlimited Health: Health is an integral part of the action and crime games. With unlimited money and diamonds in the Vegas Crime Simulator mod apk, you can buy health kits that help you last longer in fights.


You need around 105 MB of free space in your smartphone. You’ll need Android OS 4.4 or higher to play this game smoothly on an Android device.

There’s yet to be an official version of the game for PC. But you can still play the Vegas Crime Simulator on your PC. You need to download a good emulator like bluestack to enjoy the game on your PC.

Yes, the game is free to play for all users. You need a smartphone and download the game from

How to Install Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk?

To enjoy the mod features, you’ll need to follow the following steps after you download the mod apk file.

  • Download the mod apk file from the button.
  • After that allow unknown resources from the setting of your smartphone.
  • Now click on the install button and enjoy the game.
  • Money and gems will only increase to unlimited after some of the existing money is spent.

Final Verdict

Vegas Crime Simulation is an open-world simulation game based on gangsters. You can roam around the huge city of Vegas and experience many advanced vehicles and weapons. You can also get unlimited money and gems when you download Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK. With this money, you can purchase additional features in the game.

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK v6.4.3 (Unlimited Money, Gems)

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