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Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk (Unlimited Money | VIP 10) v7.0.1a

A Brief Overview of Gangstar Vegas

Want to live your fantasy world like a real gangster and live like a mafia boss in the city of Las Vegas? Download Gangstar Vegas Mod apk, a fascinating crime and action game from Gameloft publisher, in which you play as the leader of a gang and defeat your opponents to command the city.

Gangster Vegas is a top-level open-world game published by renowned developer Gameloft. You’ll find 80 different Gangstar Vegas missions in its gameplay, due to which the size of the game is heavier. If you want to download Gangstar Vegas 4 on your mobile smoothly, you should’ve around 2.4 GB of free space in your smartphone.

If you’re addicted to action and crime games, you may also like Gangstar Vegas. In the game, you’ll find different missions in an open world, like speed car racing, gun shooting, fighting, etc.

overview of gangstar vegas

With the completion of several tasks, Gangstar Vegas allows you to become a gangster tycoon. You’ll lead many people as a mafia boss and defeat your enemies with shooting. If you want to rule the city, fight with opponents and those who want to kill you.

Travel freely across the cities. You can fight with your enemy forces with several collections of powerful guns in Gangstar Vegas 4. Take time and try to use power guns accordingly to win over your hidden opponents.

Diverse Gameplay

In Gangster Vegas Gameplay, you’ll experience several different missions and modes like robberies, racing mode, street fighting, and story mode. By completing these missions, you can earn some money which you can utilize to buy specific weapons and modify your game character.

Explore the Large Open World

In Gangstar Vegas, you’ll find a lot of resemblance with the famous GTA series. Like the GTA series, this game also allows many players to play together, explore the huge Gangstar Vegas Map, participate in racing events, and see their ranking.

You can pick your favorite vehicle and go wherever you want. With the availability of pretty clothes, stylish hairstyles, and a variety of shoes, you can customize your character according to your desire.

Gangstar vegas open world

Lots of Weapons and Gears

With high-range Gangstar Vegas weapons, you can overcome your enemies and opponents. So, it’s important to have customized weapons and gear options to rob a bank and trounce your enemy forces to become a notorious gang leader of the open world and lead your surroundings according to your need. Additionally, for unlimited money download Gangstar 4 mod apk, so you can modify these weapons according to your need.

Gangstar Vegas offers many options to upgrade your weapons, their target range, and their accuracy. You can complete many advanced missions with ease and precision by upgrading your weapons. These advanced weapons, such as sniper guns, Molotov cocktails, and grenade launchers, will help to increase your stamina, health, and other elements.

Gangstar vegas weapons

Graphics and Sound

The Graphics of every game are an essential aspect of the game. Gameloft built Gangstar Vegas using 3D graphics technology, allowing users to experience high-resolution graphics. The way the roads, game characters, vehicles, and casino buildings are designed gives a more realistic feel to the user.

The top-notched sound system took the game to the next level. The sound of explosions, vehicles, and gunshots gives a realistic feel to the users. While the background music of the game is so captivating that it feels like you’re standing in the middle of a gang war. Although, if you play Gangstar Vegas on PC, you’ll experience high-quality sound and graphics.

Gangstar Vegas Apk Features

Street Racing

Apart from the main missions, Gangster Vegas apk also has racing missions. Taking part in these missions will also allow you to earn more money. With this money, you can upgrade your vehicle and add some extra features to your vehicle so that your vehicle performs well in these missions.

There’s a variety of Gangstar Vegas vehicles like cars, motorcycles, boats, and helicopters. Using these vehicles will help you complete your missions and race. While selecting a vehicle, it’s crucial to check its specifications, such as speed, looks, and armor options, so that you perform well and complete the racing missions to earn some handsome money.

gangstar vegas racing

Theft and Robbery

While you’re out of money and want some money to complete your tasks, upgrade your game-playing character, or want a new car or motorbike. This game gives you a lot of opportunities for bank robbery and heists in this criminal city. There‚Äôre several crimes that you can commit in this game, but keep in mind the police will catch you if you don’t pay attention.

Customize the character You Want

With the passage of missions, the game lets you level up and customize your Gangstar Vegas character. By doing this, you’ll become more powerful and have enough strength to overcome more demanding challenges.  Besides, you can use unlimited money provided in the Gangstar Vegas Mod apk latest version, so you can purchase your desired skin for your character.

You can customize yourself according to the mission. In a fighting mission, you can wear the costume of an MMA fighter. You can also boost your stamina and health so that you play the game for more time and complete all those missions smoothly.

Many Side Missions and Time-limited Events

Besides main missions like TPS missions, 6 gun shooting action missions, MMA fighting, and street fighting, Gangstar vegas apk also offer many other side missions and time events like racing, alien wars, fighter jets, giant truck, and boss battles. For these events, tanks and choppers are also available. You can choose them freely.

You can freely assassinate your enemies, constantly stabbing them in the back. These tasks aren’t easy to complete, but these missions’ rewards will make them more satisfying.

Gangstar vegas time limited events

Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk Features

Download the Gangstar Vegas mod apk VIP 10 and install it on your android smartphone, so you can experience the VIP version of the game for free and find everything unlocked.

Gangstar Vegas mod apk unlimited money and diamonds:  If you download the Gangstar Vegas world of crime mod apk file from the link below, you’ll enjoy unlimited diamonds and money.

Gangstar Vegas mod apk no ban: No ban feature from this mod version will be helpful for the users.

Gangstar Vegas mod apk offline:  If you travel or don’t have internet access, this mode will be of great use to you.

Gangstar Vegas mod apk no ads: This mod version will give you the entire focus while playing, as it can’t show any ads.

How to Install?

The first time when you download the file, you need to perform the following instruction in order to avoid Ban.

  • Install the XAPK file, in which you find both Gangstar Vegas mod apk + OBB file.
  • Allow unknown resources from settings and Keep your internet close.
  • During the age submission process, keep your internet on and then turn it off again.
  • After that, exit the entire game, turn off your internet, and start the game.
  • Download Gangstar Vegas from play store and cancel just before installation.
  • Now download mod apk file from the button and enjoy.


Yes, you can leave the gang from the member list option. You go to the member list and quit the desired gang. By doing this, you’ll also lose your g-stars.

You can easily download Gangstar Vegas free by following the above mod instructions. You don’t need to worry about the security of your mobile as it is entirely safe to download, and no download links contain malware.

The size of the game is heavier. You’ll need around 2.4 GB of free space on your smartphone. 5.0+ OS android version is required to play this game on your android smartphone smoothly. Also you can download and play Gangstar Vegas for iOS.

Final Verdict

   Its excellent graphics, sound quality, and the city’s vastness make this game top-notch. You’ve many things to do in Las Vegas city and several missions and time events to participate in. You can even make your gang after assassinating your enemy forces and rule the city as the mafia boss.

           And the mod version of Gangstar Vegas will provide unlimited money and diamonds so that you can utilize these coins according to your desire. This also allows you to play offline while you’re out of the internet facility.

Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk (Unlimited Money | VIP 10) v7.0.1a

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