Gangstar Vegas for iOS

Gangstar Vegas for iOS

An overview of Gangstar Vegas for iOS

Gangstar Vegas is the 4th gangster-themed series from renowned developer Gameloft. With this game, you’ll enjoy a lot of thrill and action in Las Vegas. You’ll love this game if you’re a massive fan of action games and series. This game is designed to attract fans of action games.

The story of the game is very challenging and easy to understand. There’s a lot of fun in this crime city, where you’ll have different challenges and scenarios. These exciting scenarios include stealing cars, bank heists, story-based missions, and MMA fighting.

As soon as you start playing this game, you’ll see a character named Jason Malone, who looks like a gangster. Moreover, Jason is an MMA fighter, and you’ll see him throughout the game as he’s the game’s main character. The entire story of the game revolves around Jason.

Gangstar vegas for ios

Huge Gameplay

Gangstar Vegas: Mafia Action for iOS has the same gameplay as its Android version. As the publisher has launched this game in both Android and ios platforms, players of both platforms will enjoy this diverse game and have fun in this notorious criminal city.

Plenty of opportunities for players to play story-based action-packed missions or roam around the city as a mysterious man. Apart from this, other tasks and events like racing events, gang wars, street events, street fighting casino games, and many more can be experienced only while playing.

Moreover, you can access its wide range of Gangstar Vegas vehicles and weapons collections. Choose them according to your mission requirements. Furthermore, you can customize your game-playing character and TPS skills according to your needs and preferences.

Gangstar Vegas for iOS APK Features

Wide Range of Weapons

The game has access to a wide range of advanced weapons and armor that’ll help you during your mission and fight against the city’s infamous mobs. These weapons include hand grenades, sniper rifles, shooting guns, and several melees.

Weapons for Gangstar Vegas for ios

Unlimited Money and Diamond

In the apk of Gangstar Vegas for ios, you’ll have a chance to make unlimited money and diamonds. You’ll also get VIP 10 points, unlimited keys, and auto-updates to keep users engaged.

3D Graphics

The graphics of Gangstar Vegas for ios are incredibly designed on a 3D model. Moreover, the game is set in a vast city, and the maps and locations are spread widely, but the developers will never compromise on its graphics. It looks more realistic when you look deeper into the buildings and other objects.

Graphics and sound of gangstar vegas for ios

Exciting Storyline of Gangstar Vegas for iOS

The game’s storyline also has many secrets that’ll only reveal during the completion of missions and events. From the beginning of Jason’s escape from Frank’s Mafia to the end, it’s so satisfying to play because you feel like it’s happening to you.

Why Gangstar Vegas?

There’re many reasons to choose Gangstar Vegas for playing. You’ve got a lot of variety in its vast city. There top notched 80 unique Gangstar Vegas missions, which will be one of the main reasons. In addition, you’ll be offered several time-based events that give you exciting rewards you want to must take advantage from these events.

Furthermore, you can also choose this game for the following mentioned reasons:

Huge Gang Wars

At the beginning of the game, Jason fights Holston, a fighter for Frank Valiano, a famous criminal and mafia boss. After the win, Frank admits that Jason betrayed him and wants to kill him. Jason managed to escape from Frank with the help of Vera and Karen and fought against various gangs in the other to stay alive.

Gang wars in Gangstar Vegas

Thrills and Spills in Sin City

Missions like a brawl, carnage, time attack, heist, survival, etc., are the source of thrills and spills in Vegas. You can only finish these missions by making noise in the streets of Vegas. These missions have waves and will be finished on time to earn some extra money.

Buy Health, Armor, and Ammo in Missions

During gang wars and missions, the weapon is the most essential for the player. In Gangstar Vegas, you’ve got the right to buy or change your existing armor. While playing, health is also essential, as going down to 0, you’ll die. So, you must check your health timely and buy it accordingly.

Customize your character in gangstar vegas for ios


There’s no need to buy Gangstar Vegas from anywhere because it’s free. You can download the game from the download button in this article and enjoy its endless features while playing.

No, it’s not necessary to jailbreak or root your iOS device to play Gangstar Vegas: Mafia Action. The only thing you need is to download the game, find it in your file device and install it on your device.

Yes, the gameplay, missions, events, controls, graphics, sounds, and everything in the game are the same in Android and iOS versions. Moreover, you can get unlimited money and diamonds in the Gangstar Vegas mod apk for Android versions.

Final Verdict

Gangstar Vegas: Mafia Action for iOS is a complete game, whether an action or mission-based. Moreover, its gameplay is endless and oriented as an open-world game where you can find everything present in any other games like GTA, Pubg, etc.

Also, you’ve a car modification option. Take your favorite car to discover the vastness of the sin city. Additionally, you can buy your favorite weapon and carry it with you. So, complete these missions on time and top the leaderboard while playing, as it’ll increase your skill points.

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