Gangstar Vegas characters

Gangstar Vegas Characters

Gangstar Vegas is an open-world game in which players can explore a diverse world filled with many adventurous and action-packed missions and time-limited events. Moreover, to complete these missions, users can choose the Gangstar Vegas characters to play in the game, and they can also modify them with money provided unlimited in the Gangstar Vegas mod apk.

Gangstar Vegas Characters

Main Gangstar Vegas Characters

Jason ‘’the Kid’’ Malone

Gangstar Vegas Jason Malone, also known as Jason “The Kid” Malone, worked as a guardian at a local club in Las Vegas. He’s one of the main Gangstar Vegas characters of the game, entrusted with many tasks by Frank, a famous mafia boss. Later, he became a professional MMA fighter. Frank was betrayed by the kid, causing him to suffer a lot and fight against him.

Gangstar Vegas Jason

Frank Veliano

Gangstar Vegas Frank Veliano is the main villain character, who controls most of the illegal activities and business in the city of sin, Vegas. At an early age, he’s a thief and worked for the Montello Mafia, headed by Johnny. Later, after his death, Frank forms his mafia and tries to rule the city.

Frank Veliano in Gangstar vegas

Winston Goodman

Winston Goodman is the secondary protagonist of Gangstar Vegas characters. However, he’s a priest and seems like a religious and good person working for the mayor of Las Vegas. Apart from this, he’s involved in many illegal activities like corruption and looting. She also worked for Frank, but when she found out that Jason had illegal photos of him. He avoided Frank to stop Jason.

Vera Montello

Gangstar Vegas Vera Montello is known as the head of the Montello Mafia after Johnny Montello. She’s the main reason behind Jason and Peter Holston’s fight in the ring because she believes that Frank’s drunk driving caused Johnny’s death. A strip club called Fire and Vice is owned and operated by her in Las Vegas.

Vera Montello in gangstar vegas

The Devil

The character of the Gangstar Vegas Devil only appears in the side story mission called ‘Devil’s Due’ in the game. Jason is responsible for her coming to Las Vegas because she wants Jason’s soul to free his brother. Afterward, Jason helps her collect several other souls on various missions so that he can free him.

The Devil of gangstar Vegas

Little Joe

Little Joe is one of the street gangsters of Gangstar Vegas Characters who appears in one of the Gangstar Vegas missions, “Runner on the Run.” During the mission, Joe steals Eric the E-Man’s drugs. E-Man then wants Jason to retrieve his stolen drugs from Joe. The game’s mission revolves around Jason chasing down Joe and bringing back E-Man’s looted drugs.


Gangstar Vegas Jassie was introduced to the game in the July 2021 Portal update by Gameloft. She’s the first female among playable Gangstar Vegas characters since its release in 2013. She’s the female protagonist of the game and trained as an MMA fighter. In his appearance, she’s short hair and 2 tattoos on her arm, and She’s not playable in story missions.

Jessie Female character gangstar vegas

Karen Olsen

Gangstar Vegas Karen Oslin, a skilled firearms girl responsible for Vera’s security in the game. She also worked as an accountant for Vera Montello. She’s raised by his father, Mr. Oslin, a police officer in the Las Vegas Police Department after his mother left Oslin. She also falls in love with Jason in the game and works with him on several occasions.

Karen Oslen in gangstar vegas


Eric the E-man of Gangstar Vegas is also one of the main characters of the game and an associate of the Montello Mafia. He is a drug and prostitute dealer in Vegas city. Moreover, you can see him with Jason in many missions like “ Runner on the Road”, and many side missions. He is a funky guy and in the habit of giving historical names to others.

E-man of gangstar vegas


Barry is also one of the Gangstar Vegas characters who appear in the “Wearing a Wire” mission, working as a right-hand man for Frank Valiano. Jason constantly follows him to get information about his work and Frank’s illegal activities. Jason follows him until he reaches her hotel, killing Barry and his partner as the prostitute gets out of the car.


Benny in Gangstar Vegas is a muscular character from the game who worked as an escort for Frank Veliano. Because of Johnny’s death during the car accident, Benny also thought Frank would kill him one day. Jason helps save her from the Veliano Mafia. He’s enough evidence of Frank’s illegal activities that Jason uses against Frank.

Benny gangstar vegas

Supporting Characters of Gangstar Vegas

Character in Gangstar VegasRole in Gangstar Vegas
AmyAs Vera’s assistant, Amy gives many tasks to Jason to receive commissions.
AviatrixAviatrix is a Roni Q friend and has an interest in air vehicles. She also offers Jason several air vehicles to complete the mission.
Barry JonesBarry Jones is famous for hosting classic vibes radio station in Gagstar Vegas.
Billy CastleBilly Castle is also a radio host. He often states that he loves America despite being a British citizen.
Ernest PicklesErnest Pickles is also running candidate for the Mayor election of Las Vegas against Winston Goodman. He appears on mission “Founding Father” under Devil’s Due.
FriscoFrisco, also known as Huevos, is the game’s lieutenant of the Huevos Gang. ‘A Good Ol’ Nabbin’ is his only appearance in the story mission.
Fletcher RamseyFletcher Ramsey is the ultimate street racer in the game. He got this power after selling his soul to the Devil.
Johnny MontelloJohnny Montello is the unseen and Founding character of the Montello Mafia. He died in a car accident.
Jason’s  BrotherAn unknown biker gang kills him before the events, and he’s never seen in the game. Jason was so close to him that he’s willing to give his soul to the Devil to bring his brother back.
Karen Olsen’s FatherKaren’s father is a policeman in the Gangstar Vegas Police Department, responsible for ensuring the city’s peace.
LuisLuis’ character can be seen in the “No Deal” mission. He’s also a prominent member of the Huevos Gang.
Mick VelenteMick Valente is the minor character and lieutenant of Frank Veliano. He also appears in the mission “Am I Interrupting?”
Polly PantherPolly Panther is the host of The Knife on a radio station. He’ll talk to different people on the air and ask them questions.
Pietro HolstonPetro Holston is an MMA boxer who fought and lost to Jason Malone for a world title at the start of the game.
Roni QRoni Q is also a radio host for K-WATT 101.4 and is also seen in missions. It’s impossible to kill her.
Racer GirlThe Racer Girl is a minor character in the game who can be seen in many story missions and racing events.
RogerRoger is one of the unseen Gangstar Vegas characters from the game. He’s only mentioned in “Gotta Testify” by Goodman during the call.
SteveIn the ‘UFO Story’ side mission, Steve can be seen as the main villain. He’s lost his UFO and wants help finding it. He betrays E-Man and Jason, and in the end, he’s killed.


Yes, you can choose your character as a girl. Gameloft introduced a female character in its portal update, creating Jessie, a female MMA user fighter.

There’re many gangsters and negative people in Gangstar Vegas. But Frank Valiano is considered the game’s main villain as he controlled most of the businesses and was involved in many other illegal activities in Vegas City. After leaving the Montello Mafia, he formed his gang.

Yes, you can play Gangstar Vegas with your friends. First, you must log in to the game with your social account and invite your friend to play the game together.

A character look allows the player to select their desired character, whether it’s a woman or a man, except for story missions. On completing missions and events, they’ll win similar rewards.

As you complete various activities and story-based missions, you can earn exciting rewards from money and diamonds. However, you can only earn respect in some tasks, like when you purchase items in the shop, which will increase your skill points.

Final Verdict

If you’re new to playing this game, you’ll see many different characters in each mission. Some Gangstar Vegas characters are familiar throughout the game, like Frank Valiano, but some characters will only appear in specific tasks and events. Moreover, many unseen people, such as Jason’s brother and Johnny, support the game’s story.

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