Gangstar Vegas missions

Gangstar Vegas Missions

Overview of Gangstar Vegas Missions

Gangstar Vegas is one of the most popular open-world games. Due to this, players will find 80 action-packed missions and many other side missions full of adventure. Additionally, the game launches several time-limited events that’ll be played within a set time and will give users exciting rewards.

Gangstar Vegas Missions list

Missions That are Wrapped Up in Stories

In Gangstar Vegas, some missions are entirely story mode. These Gangstar Vegas missions revolve around the user protagonist, Jason Malone. Moreover, some other characters are also mission-supporting. Additionally, you’ll find these stories in the form of chapters. You can play these missions with your favorite weapons and cars unlocked by buying. Gangstar Vegas mod apk provides unlimited money to buy these things.

All story-based chapters of missions are listed below.

Chapter 1

This chapter is the premise of the Gangstar Vegas missions, also known as the game’s first mission, where Jason is introduced to MMA fighting. Jason, one of the main Gangstar Vegas characters, wins the fight, but Frank doesn’t like it and orders his minions to kill him. Later, when he knows about Frank’s intentions, he escapes from the sports area with Vera’s help.

The following tasks are included in Chapter 1:

Mission NameDetail of Mission
Down In The ForthThis is Gangstar Vegas first mission of chapter 1, Jason wins the fight and tries to escape from Frank’s goons with the help of Karen and Vera.
Busting ThroughYou must drop Vera off at the Fire and Ice Strip Club while following the Yellow Spots in a stolen SWAT van.
Runner On The RunJason helps E-Man, a colleague of Vera’s, to retrieve his secret formula that’s stolen by skateboarder Little Joe.
The Drop-OffVera tasks you with retrieving the briefcase from the “stash location” and guarantees that she’ll arrange your meeting with Frank.
Start Your EngineHere you complete a race challenge to earn some reward given by Racer Girl, one of E-Man’s friends.
No DealKaren takes Jason to an arms dealer for a deal, but there’re some gangsters there, so it’s your job to kill them.
Blowing Up The PollsIn this mission, Vera tasks you with destroying Goodman’s political advertisements on poles in the city.
Lift A RideYour task is to steal a sports car from the factory location with the help of E-Man.
Am I Interrupting?Here Vera assigns a task to you with killing Frank’s lieutenant Mick Valant and his henchmen.
DeconstructionDuring this mission, you’ve to fight Frank’s worker and explode the building located at the construction site.
Wearin’ A WireYou’ve to follow Frank’s right hand, Barry and Hooker, and kill them both until they reach a motel.
VaultingWith Karen’s help, your task is to rob the City of Saints Casino, one of Frank’s most popular casinos.
Pax MontelloWhile having a party with Vera and Karen, Frank attacks your party, and you’ve to fight against them to protect yourself as well as your members.
Gangstar vegas mission chapter 1

Chapter 2

In the final Gangstar Vegas mission of the first chapter, Karen is injured, so she and Vera are evacuated from the bar. But Jason could not resist Frank and his supporters, and Frank caught him and sent him to prison, where he demanded that you work for him or I’d kill Vera’s family. At last, Jason agrees to work for him. 

Some of the missions included in this chapter are discussed below:

Mission NameDetail of Mission
Eye For An EyeThis’s a simple Gangstar Vegas mission in which you fight with Frank’s goons. Also, Frank demands that if you don’t work for me, I’ll kill you.
Nautical NightmareYour job is to deliver a boat for Winston Goodman from the sunny-side-up location to the marina side and also rescue the businessman there.
Plane, Old, SimpleYour mission is to steal the plane from Marina and deliver it safely to Frank.
The Great Chopper CaperDuring this mission, Jason’s responsibility is to steal a helicopter from the airport and deliver it to Benny.
State Of The UnionHere in this mission, your job is to kill the union boss of the construction site for Goodman.
GentrificationSome gang members enter the strip, so Benny wants Jason to kill those unwanted men from the strip.
No More QuestionsOn Benny’s orders, Jason kills the reporter in the Industrial District who’s covering the news against Frank.
Get To The GreekAt Benny’s call, your task in the mission is to cover the Phalanx Casino from the mafia cartels.
It’s For CharityGoodman’s driver is unavailable so he asks Jason to race the boat and win for me.
A Good Ol’ Nabbin’Frank came to know that Frisco, a member of Huevos Gang, steals some weapons so he asked Jason to kidnap him and take him to my place.
Big DealYour aim is to protect Goodman’s accountant from snipers as he attempts to conduct a business deal.
Parks & ExplosionsOn-demand of Frank explodes the cars in the trailer park and kills Los Huevos Gang members.
Gangstar vegas mission chapter 1

Chapter 3

Mission NameDetail of Mission
Ante UpIn this mission of Gangstar Vegas, Vera assigns the task to Jason to explore hangers in the Strip Mine and save Karen.
America’s FinestE-Man tells you to go to the army base and grab the tracking tech from a hangar and then leave the army base and try to escape from the 5-star police.
Angel On Your ShoulderJason came to know that one of Frank’s accountants was arrested by the FBI. Try to protect him from Frank’s henchmen when he arrives at the court.
Gadgets And GizmosE-Man plans to hack into Frank’s cell. So, he tasks Jason with going to an electronics shop, finding an antenna on top, and injecting the virus into it by hooking up his phone.
Can You Hear Me Now?Your job in this mission is to place communication trackers around the city to find out Karen’s position.
Get The GirlYour mission is to rescue Karen from Frank’s home base, the city of Casino, with the help of Vera and E-Man.
Gangstar vegas mission chapter 3

Chapter 4

At the end of Chapter 3 of Gangstar Vegas missions, Vera is killed while rescuing Karen from the City of Casino’s helipad, one of Frank’s home bases. So in this chapter, Jason tries to defame Frank and get the strip club back from him with the help of E.Man and Karen. Further missions in this chapter are given:

Mission NameDetail of Mission
Bad DayYour job in this Gangstar Vegas mission is to protect Karen from the henchmen of Frank.
Eviction NoticeJason with Karen’s help retrieves the strip club from Frank’s guards that Frank took at Pax Montello.
Machine Gun RenovationsDuring the mission, your job is to sabotage Frank’s Villa from different sides and lead the police near his villa.
Trailer TrashingTry to Kill the henchmen and associates of Frank’s in a trailer park.
Gangstar vegas mission chapter 4

Chapter 5

You’ll find out the following list of Gangstar Vegas missions in chapter 5 of Gangstar Vegas:

Mission NameDetail of Mission
Benny, A Good ManBenny was arrested by the Police, so save him from the Police.
Gotta TestifyCatch the Goodman and make a deal with him to give information to Frank if he doesn’t want to leak his pictures.
Sic Semper TyrannisThis is the last Gangstar Vegas mission of the chapters, where your task is to reach the wrenching ball and kill Frank Valiano.
Gangstar vegas mission chapter 5

Devil’s Due

Devil’s Due also consists of many story-based missions. The main character of these Gangstar Vegas missions is the devil, who is in the habit of collecting other people’s souls to get some money. Jason agrees to work for her if she doesn’t take his soul. Complete missions of this chapter are given:

Mission NameDetail of Mission
Speak Of The DevilJason comes to talk with Devil and then fights his minions. Eventually, he agrees to collect souls for her if she lets him go.
Invisible Man (mission)Find the invisible man in the bank and bring him to the Devil.
Founding FatherThe devil assigned Jason to bring to me the mayoral candidate, Ernest Pickles, who sold his soul to the devil.
Charmed, I’m SureIn the last mission, your task is to find Fletcher Ramsey with the help of the Racer Girl and bring him to the Devil.
Gangstar vegas Devils Due

Classified Missions

Classified Gangstar Vegas missions consist of the following missions:

Mission NameDetail of Mission
Something AmissConvince E-man that aliens didn’t kidnap his men by having a civil discussion with his rivals.
AlienationFollow the delivery Van with E-man and escape from the government agents.
Trojan HorseAs part of E-Man’s ongoing plan, you must steal a suspicious delivery van and return it in one place.
Making The ManGet your hands on some secret agent threads.
Belly Of The BeastInfiltrate the secret government base and get the Alien back to his ship.
Leaf Of The WindUse the jetpack to reunite with the distraught E-Man.
Get Off My LawnShow the aliens who’s the boss of Vegas.
Gangstar vegas classified missions

Side Missions of Gangstar Vegas

Devilish Deeds

Devilish deeds are quick to play Gangstar Vegas missions. Moreover, you can increase your level by playing these missions. In these missions, you can compete with corrupt politicians and other tasks. You can find below missions in devilish deeds:

  • No Escape
  • Golden Ride
  • Dictator Destruction
Gangstar vegas devilish deeds missions


In survival missions of Gangstar Vegas, you fight and kill enemies. In each survival mission, you’ll encounter waves of enemies, which is essential to kill them. Additionally, kill your enemy waves quickly to get high rewards. Gangstar Vegas has 6 survival diversions listed below: Chapter 1 includes the following tasks:

  • Trailer Park Swarm
  • Riverfront Chaos
  • Riot at the Factory
  • The Greek Phalanx
  • Political Uprising
  • Hold the bridge
Survival missions of gangstar vegas


As the name suggests, you must rob banks, nightclubs, and other locations. There’re waves of enemies in these Gangstar Vegas missions. Kill them and complete the task. After killing them, the police will chase you in this turn, so run away from the place and reach the storage area. Following are some of the tasks involved in the robbery mission:

  • Strip Club
  • Night Club
  • Bank
  • Casino
heist missions of gangstar vegas


If you want to wreak havoc on the streets of Vegas, these twists are for you. Take your favorite vehicle for these Gangstar Vegas missions and kill as many pedestrians as possible in the given time. Additionally, choose a vehicle that’s fast and suitable for narrow streets. Carnage turn consists of the following missions:

  • Trailer Park Mayhem
  • Downtown Mayhem
  • Backstab Mayhem
  • Vegas Strip Mayhem
  • Governmental Mayhem
  • Park Mayhem
carnage missions of gangstar vegas


In the brawl Gangstar Vegas missions, you find out different diversions. For these tasks, you need to fight with your opponents with one melee combat, such as hand-to-hand, baseball bat, or any other type. Try to defeat them as quickly as possible. Brawl missions consist of the below-listed diversions:

  • Hell’s Brawlers
  • Human Pinata
  • Mob Combat
  • Final Gauntlet
  • Prizefight
brawl missions of gangstar vegas


Your task is to deliver special merchandise to the specific location given in the missions. Pick a fast vehicle to drop off these merchandise as quickly as possible. Given are some delivery missions:

  • Downtown Deals
  • Stimulating Supplies
  • Savvy Shipment
  • Terrific Trade
  • Delicate Distribution
  • Quick and Easy
Gangstar vegas delivery missions

Time Attack

Time attack Gangstar Vegas missions are where you race through different parts of the city. You need to complete the racing around the waypoint within the given time. Racing events are held on the southern strip, industrial waterways, and many other locations. Some of the Time Attack  missions are given:

  • Construction Junction
  • Cruisin’ Dunnerlin
  • Chopper Challenge
  • Industrial Waterways
  • Southern Strip
  • Eastern Channel
  • Stadium Super Race Day
  • Mega Moto Challenge
  • Someday! Someday!
Gangstar vegas time attack missions

Ring Challenge

In Ring Challenge Diversion, your task is to get yourself through the marked yellow ring during the mission. In some missions, you can complete these tasks while driving, or sometimes you can fly through circles. Yellow rings add time to your mission, while red and pink rings take a few seconds off the allotted time. Below are the ring challenges:

  • Flightseeing
  • Courier Challenge
  • One and Dunnerlin
  • Industry Air
  • Racer Strips
  • Government Collection
  • Rags to Rich District
ring challange missions in gangstar vegas

Free Fall

Free Falls are very tricky missions. In these Gangstar Vegas missions, you must drop off rings from a certain height of the targeted zone. Your goal is to get through these circles within the time limit. If you don’t cross the yellow circles, you’ve unlimited parachutes. You can use them. Below are some freefall missions in the game:

  • Dam Descent
  • Aerophobia
  • Skimming the Breeze
  • Intentional Imperilment
gangstar vegas free falls misisons


In racing, the goal is to race around the course as fast as you can and beat all your opponents in the fastest time. If your finishing time is outside the target, you’ll still lose even if you beat the other players. Be aware that crashing and damaging your vehicle will add time to your trip. Some of the racing missions are given:

  • Airfield Antics
  • Roadrunner
  • Rally Through the Alley
  • Rat Race
  • Roar of the Crowd
gangstar vegas racing missions

Time Limited Events in Gangstar Vegas

Besides main story-based and side missions, Gangstar vegas also have some time-limited events that can only be played during the limited time. You can never play these events after their given time is over. There’re two types of events:

  • Solo Events
  • Gangs Events

Solo Events

Solo Events are those events that can be played individually without any team. Solo Events are further categorized into the following Events:

– Leaderboard Events

In leaderboard events, you’ve 2 days to participate in regular missions and 4 days for UFO sightings and Devil’s Due missions. Side missions are used in leaderboard events. After completing these missions, you’ll earn stars, which will be added to the leaderboard as your score. You can collect these rewards at the end of the event.

– Special Events

Special Events are also solo events in which you can play these missions for up to 2 weeks or more. You can not play missions in these events randomly at the start. It’ll unlock only when you complete your previous missions. Some of the special events are given:

  • Battle Pass
  • Street Cred Events
  • No Room in a Hell

City Events

Unlike leaderboards and special events, city events can’t use leaderboards. This event will spread all over the city without requiring any missions. On completing missions, players will get two types of rewards. As you achieve your star winnings, other stars will be used to unlock additional rewards. Following are prominent city events:

  • Portal Events
  • Treasure Hunt Events
  • Alien Invasion

Gang Events

To play these events, you must join a gang. A leaderboard is also visible at the end of gang events that shows the collective score of the entire gang. Most gang events last 5 days. During the event, the top of the leaderboard will be awarded various prizes for the entire gang. If you no longer want to be in the gang, you can leave the gang, and your reward will not expire.


No, you can only play your desirable time-limited event with the specific time for the events.

Players who commit a crime become wanted by the Las Vegas Police Department. To avoid the police, you must go beyond the red circle mentioned on the map during the game.

Most of the time, some missions demand specific requirements like particular vehicles or weapons. You can only play those missions if you fulfill the mission essentials; otherwise, you can’t play those missions.

Gang levels are an essential aspect of the game’s progression system and provide players with a sense of achievement and motivation to engage in gang activities. You can increase your gang level by participating in gang events. There’re 10 levels of groups.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Gangstar Vegas have a wide range of missions throughout the criminal city. The missions also portray that this game is about action and doing crimes in the city, whether it be a robbery, stealing vehicles, racing, shooting, etc. Overall, the missions in Gangstar Vegas provide players with an immersive and action-packed open-world experience.

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