Gangstar Vegas Map and locations

Gangstar Vegas Map

Introduction to Gangstar Vegas Map

Gangstar Vegas is the protagonist and role-playing game. It’s one of the popular open-world games, which is set in the famous city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The Gangstar Vegas full map is so huge, and you’ve many things to do on this notorious and criminal city map.

Out of Gameloft’s previous gangster series, Gangstar Vegas’ map size is about 9 square kilometers larger. Despite covering a vast area, the developers put a lot of effort into the small details of the game. Moreover, some areas give players a realistic feel.

Gangstar Vegas original map

Important Locations on Map of Gangstar Vegas

The Strip

The strip is the city’s commercial district, home to many casinos, nightclubs, and restaurants. Many of the game’s missions take place at this location on the Gangstar Vegas map. Moreover, crime mob Frank’s Homebase casino is also in the same district. You can also see Sara’s Club and the Vegas Eiffel Tower in this trendy district.

Gangstar Vegas the strip

The Villas

“The Villas” is a village located in the south of Gangstar Vegas full map. You can find many mansions of famous mafia and businessmen in this place, like Frank’s Mansion, Vera’s Mansion, and Safe House. Jason destroys Frank’s mansion in a mission with a machine gun. You can visit this place on several side missions.

Construction Zone

In Gangstar Vegas mod apk, the Construction Zone is where you can take part in missions involving construction and demolition. This’s the area where Frank’s workers work to construct a building that Jason later destroys. You can also see many gang unions in this zone. Mostly, this area appears in many side missions.

Area 52

In Gangstar Vegas, an area called Area 52, a military base in the city is also known as the David P. McEntee Military Base. This is located near the Nevada highway. Players can explore this area in story-based missions such as “America’s Finest” and “Get Off My Lawn.” Moreover, if anyone enters this sensitive area, the police will try to chase them.

Gangstar Vegas area 52

The Business District

Players will get to know this particular area of ​​the city of Vegas called the Business District on the map of Gangstar Vegas, the center of banks and corporate offices. Gamblers and mafias worldwide came to the city to trade arms and drugs. Moreover, you also do side missions like a bank robbery in this district.

Royal Flush Dam

The Royal Flush Dam, also called the Hoover Dam, is one of the primary sources of power in the great city. It also diverted the rivers flowing towards the city. The people of Vegas believe that the city of Vegas dries up overnight, so they built a giant dam to save the water and prevent flooding.

Paydirt Mines

In the criminal city, there’s only one mine called Paydirt Mines. It can find in the desert’s heart, and you can’t drive any vehicle in this mine. Furthermore, once Jason visits the area to find Karen on a side mission. Also, Jason and E-Man visit the mine to follow Blaze’s character on an alien mission. The Mi’kmaq, a type of vehicle, is also found in the area.

Gangstar Vegas Paydirt Mines

The Red Light District

The Red Light District on the Gangstar Vegas map is where players can find many places, such as strip clubs, brothels, clothing stores, ammunition stores, and important buildings, such as the City Hall. The Red Light District is also available in many side missions. Moreover, police are on high alert in the area, so be careful while committing crimes.


Downtown is also the city’s main commercial area, where you can find a variety of restaurants and cafes and other entertainment venues that are a source of entertainment for tourists. Additionally, you can also spot drug dealers and thugs from across the city here. You can also find many hidden collectibles of Gangstar Vegas in this area of the map.

Casino and Nightclubs

Casinos and nightclubs are the central locations on the Gangstar Vegas map. Most of the game’s casinos were owned by mafia bosses. Additionally, these casinos are also found in many missions, such as in the “Get the Girl” mission, you’ll also see Frank’s casino, “City of Saints.” Some other casinos of the game are listed below:

  • City of Saints (Casino)
  • Abibi (Strip Club)
  • Greek Phalanx (Premium Casino)
  • Altamont (Classic Casino)
  • Pocket Aces (Casino)
  • Sars (Nightclub)
  • Pressways (Snacks & Liquor Store)
Casinos and nightclubs in Gangstar vegas

Snak Eyes Park

In this game, Snak Eyes Park, also known as Trailer Park, is an underrated area of ​​the Gangstar Vegas map. You’ll find that the place is mainly covered with biker gangs and other mobs. In general, this place wasn’t much visited by the locals and many Gangstar Vegas hidden items can be found in this part of the map.

High-Stakes Field

Gangstar Vegas map has a multi-functional sports arena called High Stakes Field. It’s the only multi-purpose sports stadium in the city. This sports arena can be seen in Jason Malone’s fight against Holston for the world MMA title. The stadium has enough capacity for people.

International Airport in Gangstar Vegas

There’s also an airport named Las Vegas International Airport on the Gangstar Vegas map. You can see many shipping containers, construction materials, and several ramps. The airport also appears in missions such as “The Great Helicopter,” where Benny’s helicopter landed. It also appears in “Charmed I’m Sure,” where Jason destroys Flecher Ramsey’s car.

Gangstar Vegas Airport

Famous Workshops

You’ll also find many car workshops in this vast city. Mostly, vehicles are damaged when you’re completing missions and gang wars. So, you can fix your favorite car or any other vehicle. Below are some workshops on gangstar las vegas map:

  • Discount Contracting
  • Crazy Natasha’s Supply
  • Vinnie’s Body Works
  • Fixers, Inc.

Karl’s Dealership

Karl’s Cars, also known as Karl’s Dealership, is one of the prominent car dealerships in the city. Karl is famous for its stolen cars and other vehicle dealerships; most cars here are stolen. This area appears in the side mission “Lift a car,” in which Jason steals an expensive car with the help of E-Man.

Karl'sDealership in gangstar vegas

Public Places

In the Gangstar Vegas map, there’re also some public places where you can find many buildings like restaurants, supermarkets, and other places. You can find many locations of Gangstar Vegas hidden collectibles on the map. Below is a list of some of the Gangstar Vegas map locations that a player can visit in the game:

  • The Shops
  • Industry City
  • Veliano Center
  • Lonely Road
  • Fremont Street
  • Lemon Luncheon (Brunch Restaurant)
  • The Paramount
  • All-In Technologies (Underground Lab)
  • Rancho Bandito
  • Marina del Mar (Pier)
  • Penthouse (Stock Market)
  • Dollar Store (Super Market)

Gangstar Vegas vs. Real-life Locations

As we already know, the game represents America’s Las Vegas in their gameplay rather than in a realistic way. Some areas, such as the construction zone, business district, and red light district, don’t exist in real life. They’re just for the entertainment of the players.

On the other hand, some locations in the game are inspired by the city’s location, like Area 52, Fremont Street, Hoover Dam, etc. But the game’s Hoover Dam is built much closer to the city than the real one. Most of the typical locations of the game and the actual city are compared below:


You can own landmarks in Gangstar Vegas, which gives you extra benefits to rule the city. There’re no special in-game missions for landmark purchases. After completing specific missions, they’ll be available for users to purchase.

Gangstar Vegas is set in the city of Las Vegas. The map is about 9 square kilometers larger than the previous gangster series game Gangstar Rio.

Collectibles are scattered around the city either in buildings or in other enclosed spaces, you can find these collectibles on both land and water. With the aerial view of the city, you can see the collectibles if they are on the roof of buildings or in an open area.

Final Verdict

Gangstar Vegas is one of the prominent open-world games at the moment. You can experience a lot of fictional locations as well as inspired places from Las Vegas. Moreover, the players need to understand its vast map as it’ll help the gameplay as most of the missions are taking place in these locations.

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