Gangstar Vegas Weapons

Gangstar Vegas Weapons

Overview of Gangstar Vegas Weapons

Weapons are an essential part of action games. From the Game’s name, it comes to know that Gangstar Vegas is a thrilling and adventurous role-playing game. The Game has a wide range of mysterious and survival missions. To finish these Gangstar Vegas missions, you must have a high aiming modern weapon.

Furthermore, street fighting and gang wars are also available in their gameplay. So, players must select high-range Gangstar Vegas best weapons with the precise aiming to overcome their opponents and rule the vast criminal city.

gangstar vegas weapons overview

Gangstar Vegas Weapons List

In the Gangstar Vegas game, there’re many advanced and heavy weapons and a wide range of armor options for the players. These’re the Gangstar Vegas best weapons that fulfill the needs of the players during the Game, and they indeed enjoy these weapons.

In the game section, you’ll find 7 different types of advanced Gangstar Vegas weapons. Each type of weapon can be discussed below.


Melee is one of the types of hand-held Gangstar Vegas weapons that can use in hand-to-hand fights. Gangstar Vegas has various melee weapons that can use in combat battles and missions. Players can use these melees throughout the Game. You can fight your opponents with your legs and hands if you don’t have a melee weapon.

Additionally, melee weapons are helpful in specific missions such as Hell’s Brawl, Human Piñata, Mob Fight, Prize Fight, and Final Gauntlet. These weapons have less flexibility as they fall from the hand during combat.

Gangstar vegas Meeles

There’re 5 types of melee collections in the Game, which are given below:

Common MeleesUncommon MeleesRare MeleesEpic MeleesLegendary Melees
Baseball BatDeluxe Baseball BatInstrumentMeat GrinderSledgehammer Deluxe
Idle HandsGuitarPoison PetalGrave DiggerPrunerator
French BaguetteBladeWrench DeluxeStarkillerThe Royal Cutter
Desiccated DestructionHard CandyLoot King CaneOni BladeVoid Scythe
WrenchIce AxeSledgehammer
Victor’s BaguetteFire Axe
Winger’s WeaponInfernal Sword
ZombarCutting Edge
Jade KatanaBloodthirst
God Reaper
Cold Touch


In Gangstar Vegas, there’s a wide range of handguns that players can use while playing the game. Handguns are prevalent and essential weapons because they’re easy to handle and have high mobility. You can also upgrade these Gangstar Vegas guns during playing or while completing the tasks.

With handguns upgrading, you can modify their stats such as aim, magazine size, and accuracy. Additionally, you can buy these weapons from ammunition shops. Handguns come in different varieties in the game. Some are free to use, while other weapons can unlock after purchase.

Gangstar vegas Handguns

A list of handguns available in the game section is given:

Common HandgunsUncommon HandgunsRare HandgunsEpic HandgunsLegendary Handguns
HandgunFlare-Pro BarrelRevolverSilver ShotGolden Flame
Handgun (double)Ray GunRevolver (double)Big ‘n’ SilentSilver Shot Deluxe
Six ShooterRay Gun (double)Black MarkSpitfire
Six Shooter (double)Stunner
Dyna-Shot #8
Plague Pistol
Deluxe Six Shooter
Radio Silencer
Pine Needle
Hackblaster 01
Nailgun Mark VI
Poison Pistol
Death Shot
Plague Pistol


SMGs or submachine guns are also essential for combat because they’ve a high rate of fire and low recoil. Moreover, SMGs can be more effective as they’ll do more damage than the previous ones. Gangstar Vegas also offers its users a superior range of SMGs because they know their importance.

Additionally, you can also purchase your favorite submachine guns from the in-game armor shops. Also, upgrade your SMGs in time to increase their performance level.

Gangstar vegas SMGs

Below is a list of SMGs that’ll be used in the game and will be helpful for users.

Common SMGsUncommon SMGsRare SMGsEpic SMGsLegendary SMGs
Mini SMGDeluxe Mini SMGPacifist SMGPacifist SMG (double)Pacifist SMG Deluxe
Mini SMG (double)SMGZed-Away SMGBeamer SMG
SMG (double)Gingerbread CutterEliminator
Silent StreamYAO-GUN
Cyber Spray
Deluxe Six Shooter
Steel Tiger


Shotguns are firearms arsenal of Gangstar Vegas weapons and are typically used in close combat. These weapons are used for hunting, sport shooting, and self-defense. Gangstar Vegas also offers a wide range of shotguns that also attract players.

The reasons for using these shotguns are the broader spread of their shots and more effective damage. At a time, you can fire multiple enemies due to the burst feature. Their limited range also makes them ineffective for use in open areas.

Gangstar vegas Shotguns

A list of shotguns that are used in the game is given below:

Common ShotgunsUncommon ShotgunsRare ShotgunsEpic ShotgunsLegendary Shotguns
ShotgunDeluxe ShotgunHeavy ShotgunDevil’s BarrelDeluxe Twin Tornadoes
Riot ShotgunCrossbowTwin TornadoesDeluxe Twin Tornadoes
Sawed-Off ShotgunFrostbitten BuckshotExorcist
Harpoon GunThe FinalizerPump-Action Shotgun
Glow Buster

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are famous for players in Gangstar Vegas due to their versatility and high-powered accuracy. The recoil of weapons is also a central part of weapon selection. Assault rifles have moderate recoil and are used in medium to long-range combat.

These Gangstar Vegas weapons are in the games section because they take down multiple enemies at once and are helpful in many gang wars. Some of the popular rifles used in this game are:

Gangstar vegas Assault Rifles
Common Assault RiflesUncommon Assault RiflesRare Assault RiflesEpic Assault RiflesLegendary Assault Rifles
Classic ARDeluxe Classic ARHeavy ARTactical ARLUN-4R
Modern ARArc DispenserRoyally Pimped RifleTwisted Shooter
Rough-and-Ready RifleStreet MoverDeath AngelClass S
ColdfrontSyringe SlingerBeamer ARAssaultnikov-77
Zed Away RifleDE-45Makeshift-X9
Neon ArcherWarp CannonEagle Eyes
Frostbitten RepeaterSun Fury
Deluxe Modern AR
Open Fire

Heavy Weapons

Players in Gangstar Vegas can also utilize heavy weapons to attack multiple enemies simultaneously, which is beneficial for taking them down quickly. They’re effective over vast areas due to their severe damage. They’re also used to destroy mafia vehicles and armored vehicles.

These weapons are primarily large and heavy in size and have a slow reloading system so that players can use these weapons infrequently. Also, these types of Gangstar Vegas weapon collectibles can be found in a different locations on the map. Heavy weapons used in Gangstar Vegas are listed below.

Gangstar vegas Heavy weapons
Common Heavy WeaponsUncommon Heavy WeaponsRare Heavy WeaponsEpic Heavy WeaponsLegendary Heavy Weapons
BasszukaFlamethrowerUltimate FlamethrowerExperimental ARNot-So-Mini-Gun Deluxe
FROZEN FIRELight Machine GunBomb-ThrowerNot-So-Mini-GunLos Alamos Nuclear Launcher
Rocket LauncherTrick or TriggerPatriotic Big GunShock Blast
Hard Boiled BazookaCornucopiaClassic Big GunColorblast Destroyer
Hand MortarQuillgunLove Dispenser
Guitar Machine GunARC-o-SparkPlaguebringer
X4-MicrogunDigital Destroyer
Deluxe Light Machine GunOmega Charge
Brimstone ShotgunAbyssal Screamer
Big Bertha
Ice Fury
Dragon Blast
Quad launcher
Quantum Hangover
Heavy Bolt MG

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are also an option available in the Gangstar Vegas weapons list. You can use these weapons to kill car drivers and air vehicle pilots from a long distance. Most of these weapons come with long barrels, so you can use them to aim more precisely at your enemies at long distances.

Additionally, you can upgrade these Gangstar Vegas sniper rifles from the store with money to increase damage while targeting. These weapons aren’t for those who don’t like slow aim. It is possible to get unlimited money for upgrading weapons with Gangstar Vegas mod apk. Below listed sniper rifles can be found in Gangstar Vegas:

Gangstar vegas Sniper Rifles
Common Sniper RiflesUncommon Sniper RiflesRare Sniper RiflesEpic Sniper RiflesLegendary Sniper Rifles
Sniper RiflesMarkman RifleBolt-Action RifleGood as Gold Sniper RifleExterminator
Naughty SightKillsightAVIK5-Barreled-Buster
Verdant KillerBane BarrelAzure Scope
Death Sights
UFO Sniper Rifle


You can find guns in the shops of the game. These guns weapons are available on multiple levels, so buy these guns and use them according to the situation.

Yes, there’re drones available to players in Gangstar. Drones are unique objects of the game and help the users in many ways during the game. Once activated, you can also upgrade drones to increase damage and accuracy.

No, shotguns and handguns are two different types of armor. Shotguns are mostly fired in group pallets rather than single shots like handguns. So the main difference is shotguns are used for broader spread and handguns for single shots.

Final Verdict

In the game, you’ll have a choice of various weapons to choose from. So, it’s up to the players to choose armor according to the situation. Some missions acquire melees weapons, while sniper rifles are preferable during shooting missions. Lastly, try out these Gangstar Vegas all weapons for better understanding.

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